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Chelsea Flower Show

Every year Australian garden enthusiasts and professional horticulturists make the pilgrimage to Chelsea Flower Show. Renowned as the world’s premier Garden show, Chelsea never lets us down.

In 2013 we are hosting a tour of Botanic Gardens and special private and public gardens in the UK which will include a day at Chelsea, and we are looking forward to sharing the excitement with our small group. The Feature Gardens at Chelsea almost take your breath away with their incredible detail and simply stunning plant displays. We are always astonished at the apparent permanency of show gardens that have been built on site in 7 days ! Of course, it’s the year or more of design and preparation that ensures these beautiful temporary gardens surprise and delight the 150,000 visitors who attend Chelsea every May. And it’s a pleasant surprise to learn most will be reconstructed in a permanent location after the show.

In the Grand Marquee the flower and plant exhibits showcase the very best of horticulture.International Botanic Gardens and horticulture organisations create spectacles using plants, fruit,flowers and seeds. The atmosphere is energising, and the enthusiasm of expert garden presenters on stage is contagious. Chelsea resets the benchmark every year. Nothing compares. There are still some last minute vacancies on our tour, why not check our travel partner Zeppelin Travel website for details.

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