Kate Heffernan Plant and Preserve

Visiting Botanic Gardens

Although we love seeing the sights and enjoying the unique character of the people in every place we visit, it is Botanic Gardens or other special gardens that are the main focus of our travel. In the past half-decade we have visited Botanic Gardens in Europe, the UK, New Zealand and of course lots of botanic gardens from the east to the west coast of Australia. We don’t have favourites as they all have their own distinctive features.

When we visit, we learn as much as we can about how each garden operates, see their plant collections, meet some staff, and observe how they interpret their living collection and their philosophies to visitors. Plants, pathways, signs, fact sheets, visitors services, herbariums, waste collection and composting facilities, maintenance areas, mulch, seating…..just a few of the elements of which we take detailed notice so we can share with you and to help us expand our own ideas.